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Fine jewelry at fair prices. For every day, and forever.


One of our main ​goals is to make fine jewelry more affordable. Not only because we believe in your right to wear gold and diamonds, but also because we want to put an end to the waste associated with fashion jewelry that will only last one season.

We believe that jewelry is personal and often emotional, that each piece is going to be part of many stories in your life, and that it is worth having forever. We also believe that you shouldn't have to worry about your favorite pieces losing their color, because your jewelry should be made to last and to be worn every day . 


Fundamentally, we believe that fast fashion should be a thing of the past and that it makes sense to invest in a few classic pieces that you'll wear every day: on that day at the office when you finally get promoted, the long overdue date night with your significant other, your best friend's birthday party, and to the day at the beach. All those moments are what we at Oriad call your Stories of Gold.

Start your very own Story of Gold with us today.


Cost-based pricing and no unnecessary mark-ups.

Traditionally, the jewelry industry follows a value-based pricing model, meaning they sell their products based on what it is worth to their customers. On top of that, many brands have very long supply chains, which increases their costs. 

At Oriad, we source our products directly from the manufacturer  and ship them straight to you. In doing so, we have a lean structure and can avoid the mark-ups of a traditional retail chain. What is more, we are committed to a strict cost-based pricing model, so we only look at the cost to produce our products and apply a fair mark-up to that.


This lean structure allows us to offer you the same quality (real gold and real diamonds!) at more than half the regular retail price. 

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Hi, I'm Felizitas!

I was born and raised in Germany, but moved to London in 2013 to start my professional career in the cosmetics industry. I haven’t left since, and still live in West London with my husband and one-year-old daughter.


In 2020, I launched Oriad with the vision of creating a brand that makes fine jewelry accessible to everyone - without the heavy markups and exorbitant price tags you usually find in the industry. 


I have always loved jewelry and the meaning that certain pieces hold. But when yet another one of my supposed-to-be-gold rings lost its color, I realised the very real lack of accessible fine jewelry. So I decided to change that, said goodbye to my job of developing cosmetics and launched Oriad.

The idea is simple: invest in a few beautiful, classic pieces that you will truly treasure and can wear forever (and pass on to the next generation).

Our Founder
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