Whether you're gifting yourself, sister, mother, BFF or significant other - shop our Valentine's Day Gift Guide below to find the perfect gift.


Because nothing says "I love you"

like a gift made for eternity. 


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They've made so many other people happy, you can't go wrong with these!

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Open Diamond Ring FINAL.jpg


Open Diamond Ring

"Finally a diamond ring I can wear without looking engaged! Plus, I can wear it on so many fingers because it's a bit flexible."

The perfect diamond

ring for self gifting

Classic Gold Hoop FINAL.jpg


Classic Gold Hoops

"Haven't taken them off since I got them. Super delicate and so comfortable to wear."

Delicate Leaf Ring FINAL.jpg


Delicate Leaf Ring

"Arrived today and is absolutely stunning! I will probably never take it off!"

Five Diamond Bezel Necklace FINAL.jpg


Five Diamond Bezel Necklace

"Such a beautiful necklace! The diamonds are so stunning. It's really delicate so I don't mind wearing it every day - it really helps upgrade my loungewear."

Single Knot Ring FINAL.jpg


Knot Stacking Ring

"I really wanted a ring I can wear every day that isn't boring or old-fashioned. I love it! So beautiful and sizing is great too!"

Classic Gold Ring FINAL.jpg


Classic Gold Ring

A modern update to a classic wedding ring, or a less delicate option to our stacking rings.


Tip: Pair it with your diamond wedding ring as an additional reminder of your love this V-Day.


Because fine jewelry is all about those timeless pieces you'll (want to) wear forever. 

Solitaire Diamond Studs FINAL-2.jpg

A touch of understated luxury for your everyday - just big enough to spark people's interest, but they'll never steal you the show!

We know you'll love and wear these forever.


Solitaire Diamond Studs

Solitaire Diamond Bezel Necklace FINAL.j


Solitaire Diamond Necklace

We think every woman deserves a simple diamond necklace she can wear every day and with every outfit. It's beautiful to receive as a gift, but almost nicer to be able to gift it to yourself. 

Classic Stacking Ring FINAL.jpg


Classic Stacking Ring

The reason we started Oriad: so every woman out there can afford a delicate, solid gold ring she can wear every day, all day, forever. 



Hand-picked for you. Especially if you'd like to stick to your budget.

Heart Eternity Ring FINAL.jpg


Heart Eternity Ring

Call it the perfect V-Day gift. Because if a ring with never-ending hearts isn't enough to really show your love, we don't know what will. 

Gold Bead Studs FINAL.jpg

You can never go wrong with these.

Just like your well-loved pearl studs, but less delicate and more shiny. 


Gold Bead Studs

Diamond Line Ring FINAL.jpg


Diamond Line Ring

This is why we love it:


it's slim enough for comfortable everyday wear, it's not boring, and it has diamonds!  

Beaded Stacking Ring FINAL.jpg


Beaded Stacking Ring

If whoever you're gifting wants a stacking ring, but already has a simple gold ring or wants something with a bit more character, this is the one. 



The ultimate luxury gift for yourself and others: timeless diamond pieces.

Diamond Chain Ring FINAL.jpg


Diamond Chain Ring

It's the chain that makes this design:

It takes a solitaire diamond ring from classic to modern, and makes it perfect for those looking for a minimal-style diamond ring.

Diamond Hoop Studs FINAL.jpg


Diamond Stud Hoops

When classic diamond studs or simple gold hoops are not enough, you'll need these. Because just like in the arithmetic of love, one plus one equals everything. These are everything.

Gold and Diamond Disk Necklace FINAL.jpg


Gold and Diamond Disk Necklace

Gold disk necklaces are everywhere right now, but this classic just got an upgrade with a delicate diamond disk.


Just to show that you care that tiny bit more!

Diamond Eternity Ring FINAL.jpg


Diamond Eternity Ring

Sometimes, only the best is good enough. 

Happy V-Day!